People are travelling from all over the world to learn Irish music on harmonica by Joel, people are coming all the way from Chile, USA, Australia, South Korea to Sweden to learn his style of playing. Joel gives workshops and lessons for beginners and for people who want to expand their knowledge about their instrument. Everything from private Skype lessons to larger group lessons at conferences and such. Lately he started a close collaboration with the Harmonica School Berlin and together they have now establishing the first online course for Irish music on the harmonica!

Review - Martín Poblete

Martín travelled all the way from Chile to Sweden to learn to play Irish music on the harmonica.

"Having lessons with Joel has been one of the greatest learning experiences for me as a musician. For the two months I was under his mentorship he helped me fixing the bad and exploiting the best, always taking my own interests into consideration. One of the things I liked the most about Joel was his care about how I was feeling through the classes. At the beginning of every lesson he would ask me to play the tune we were studying that week, and before giving me his feedback he always asked me to give my own opinions about my playing. He encouraged me to develop self critique and gave me the tools to keep growing up as a harmonica player after we finished our classes.
And besides that, he really is a world class player, and such a nice and easy guy."