Introducing the Enchanting Trio - Doyle, Andersson & Fromseier

Get ready to embark on a captivating musical adventure with the exciting trio of Doyle, Fromseier & Andersson. This exciting and unusual musical combination brings together the warm melodic voice of Colm Doyle and the skillful bouzouki and tenor banjo mastery of Jonas Fromseier with the rhythmic brilliance and dynamic energy of award-winning harmonica player Joel Andersson. Prepare to be swept away into a captivating world of soulful Irish songs and powerful jigs, reels, hornpipes and polkas with Doyle, Fromseier & Andersson.

This dynamic power house trio fill the stage with creative energy giving a concert experience that will resonate long after the final note has faded. Colm's commanding stage presence and emotionally charged vocals blend seamlessly with Joel's rhythmic and innovative harmonica accompaniment, creating a sound that is both captivating and evocative. Adding to this magical blend is Jonas Fromseier, whose musical journey has culminated in a tenor banjo and bouzouki playing style that is nothing short of mesmerizing. Doyle, Fromseier & Andersson renditions of traditional Irish songs and tunes pay homage to the rich legacy of the genre while breathing new life into the narratives and melodies.

Drawing inspiration from Irish musical legends stretching from the Flanagan brothers and early recordings to contemporaries, the trio delivers a dynamic, rhythmic, and profoundly expressive performance that will leave you entranced. Individually talented and collectively extraordinary, Doyle, Fromseier & Andersson invite you to join them on a musical voyage, weaving together the threads of Irish heritage with a contemporary spirit. With the unusual yet powerful combination of voice, harmonica, bouzouki and tenor banjo, the trio promises an experience that is as enchanting as it is unforgettable.

Dublin native Colm Doyle's grew up in a family deeply immersed in the traditional Irish music of counties Sligo, Leitrim, Fermanagh, and Donegal. Colm's father, Sean, is a respected singer, and his brother is the renowned Irish guitarist and singer John Doyle. Colm developed a keen fascination for song and started performing from an early age. Across the years, he has diligently collected and performed traditional songs in various musical settings in both Ireland, Sweden and across Europe. Aside from traditional music Colm also composes and sings with the Swedish rock band Joy Parade.

Originally hailing from the charming Danish island of Bornholm, Jonas Fromseier grew up in a musical family and took up the Irish tenor banjo during his teenage years. The discovery of Irish music led to monthly pilgrimages to Copenhagen, where he immersed himself in the vibrant local session scene. In his early twenties, Jonas relocated to Galway, Ireland, fully dedicating himself to the pursuit of playing Irish music. He joined Arcady 3, co-founded the band Mórga, and embarked on extensive tours across Europe and the US in various musical constellations. His recent accomplishments include a notable duo album with David Munnelly and being featured on the latest album by John Carty and Michael McGoldrick.

Born in Piteå, a small town 200 km south of the Arctic Circle in the north of Sweden, Joel Andersson got his first harmonica at the age of 2, and began playing professionally at the age of 13. Growing up with a father who listened to a lot of Irish music, and who always has been playing a variety of instruments, Joel has always had music around him. Joel has toured and given harmonica workshops in many countries from the cold and dark north of Finland, Germany, Scandinavia to Greece, Spain, England and Ireland.